H-pay the merchant gateway

Receive payment to zero fee commission


Send and receive international payments, with no hidden fees

Multi-currency accounts allow you to hold, exchange, send and receive funds in 28+ currencies - always at the real (interbank) exchange rate Free international and local payments within your plan allowance, and free transfers between Revolut Business accounts Stay organised with multiple accounts for your business needs View more

Optimise spend with smart company cards

  • Stay in control – issue physical and virtual cards, track spending in real-time for your entire team
  • Automate your expenses and capture receipts in the app instantly
  • Never overspend again on subscriptions - manage, limit and cancel from one place

Save time with seamless integrations

  • Automate accounting with tools you already use like Xero, ClearBooks and QuickBooks
  • Optimise your process with custom integrations, including Zapier and Slack
  • Save time and scale quickly by automating your business processes with our Business API

Do business with confidence

  • We're authorised by the FCA, and your funds are safeguarded with a tier-1 partner bank
  • Set permissions for your business account and control how your team collaborates and spends
  • Priority 24/7 support for all paid plans

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